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Moths Control in Delhi

They are small yellowish or golden insects, insects with narrow wings fringed with long hairs. They are not attracted by light, so they remain in dark, making us unable to recognize them. They feed on fabrics, carpets, furs. rags, woolen fabrics, stored clothing, and blankets, etc. They harmless to human but causes materialistic damages. We can find them especially during springs and in fact around the year. Carpet Beetle also comes under them as they are found in carpets.

Types Of Cloth Moth  

Case making cloth moth 
Webbing moth
Case making cloth moth  

Adults measure up to 14 mm from wing tip to wing tip and both wings are long and narrow. The body and wings are buffs to golden color with a brownish tinge, except for 3 dark spots on each wing.

Webbing moth  
Adults measure up to 12 mm from wingtip to wingtip. Both wings are long and narrow. Wings and body are uniformly buff/golden color except for a tuft of reddish setae (hairs) on the top of the head.

Control & Prevention Tips
  • Use naphthalene balls to store fabrics.
  • Keep Neem, Eucalyptus & Basil leaves in the wardrobe to prevent these moths.
  • Clothes, upholstery, rugs, or carpets must be cleaned regularly.
  • Regularly mop the floor.
  • Contact a pest control company as soon as you spot moth as it could have a gang behind it.

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